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SimplyThick was invented by John L. Holahan as a class project while he was attending Washington University’s Executive MBA program.

The class project required them to develop a plan for a new business. Since Holahan has a background in chemistry and thickeners, he suggested a business that produced a more palatable liquid thickener – one that was better than existing starch-based thickeners.

After mixing the first prototypes in his kitchen, Holahan brought his invention to a local hospital and they loved the concept. Later, he brought packets from the first commercial trial to a local nursing home to confirm the benefits with actual patients. Speech pathologists reported patients with swallowing disorders drank more liquids when they were mixed with Holahan’s product.

Following graduation, SimplyThick was launched at the American Dietetics Association Food and Nutrition Conference and Exhibition in St. Louis.

How SimplyThick Honey Works

How SimplyThick Honey Works

One packet of SimplyThick Honey is designed to thicken 4 ounces (about 1/2 cup) of liquid at a time.

If you have more than 4 ounces, you’ll need to use more packets.

One packet will thicken your 4-ounce beverage to a honey consistency, and two honey packets will produce a pudding consistency.

If you need a consistency that is thicker than water, but thinner than honey, SimplyThick Nectar is available as well.

Each packet is easy to carry with you anywhere so that you can thicken beverages on the go. The convenience of SimplyThick Honey packets are handy when you’re traveling or eating in a restaurant. You don’t have to worry about swallowing difficulties when you have a packet or two on hand.

What makes SimplyThick different?

What makes SimplyThick different?

If you’ve tried different beverage thickeners, once you try mixing with SimplyThick you’ll understand why John L. Holahan says he changed the beverage thickener industry.

SimplyThick is designed to be safe and maintain its thickness in the presence of saliva. It mixes easily with any utensil and is ready in seconds. Worry-free convenience.

You can thicken almost any beverage you want: coffee, tea, water, juice, soda, milk, soup, beer, wine, liquor, and more!

SimplyThick is free of common allergens, and it’s vegan and Kosher. Everyone who needs it can use it.

How does SimplyThick help?

How does SimplyThick help?

If you have dysphagia, a difficulty in swallowing, then it takes more effort to eat and swallow food and beverages.

It can occur at any age, but dysphagia is more common in older adults. Dysphagia can lead to malnutrition and dehydration, which is where SimplyThick can help.

SimplyThick makes it easier for those with dysphagia to swallow beverages and other liquids like soup. Eating and drinking are at the core of much of our lives. Holidays revolve around it and meeting up with friends often involves a meal. And of course, you need to eat and drink every day to maintain your health.

SimplyThick is an easy and convenient way to eat and drink for those with dysphagia. It doesn’t affect taste or appearance, and you can conveniently carry packets with you everywhere.

What our customers are saying

“SimplyThick is easy to use because it mixes well with all beverages without changing the taste. I use the nectar consistency individual packets. I was treated for throat cancer and swallowing thin liquids was almost impossible without aspirating them. SimplyThick solved that problem for me.”

– John L. Moore

“When I was first told I had to use a thickener, I went to the drug store and bought one of everything on the shelf! I tried ‘em all. The SimpyThick packets are handy when you might be on the road or eating in a restaurant. But we’ve found the thing about SimplyThick, whether in packets or a jug, is the confidence you have in the measurement. One or two squirts, whisk, let stand for a bit, and you’re home free!”

– Maxine Lavin

“I use SimplyThick because I have aspiration problems, so my doctor suggested SimplyThick. I was worried that it would change the taste of my drinks, but when I tried it there was no difference, and it opened up my drinking variety. When you thicken drinks, they do not thicken over time, which is great for travel and storage for later. I would recommend SimplyThick.”

– Josh Hutsenpiller

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